Fifteen Common Mistakes – Probate

In February 2019, Dan was privileged enough to contribute a video course for about “Fifteen Common Mistakes, and Simple Suggestions to Avoid Them, for a Future Smooth Probate.” The video is an overview of the fifteen most common mistakes made when estate planning. He will walk through all the potential obstacles an attorney may face if he or she is familiar with drafting wills, but has not yet experienced many of the nuances associated with probate. Topics to be discussed include revoking past wills, fixing mistakes after a will has been executed, general bequests, naming beneficiaries, survivorship provisions, and more. To watch the entire video presentation, please click here. Or below are three clips from the presentation. Importance of

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An In-Depth Look at Trusts

In February 2019, Dan was privileged enough to contribute a video course for about “An In-Depth Look at Trusts: Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions” The video is about how Trusts are now the primary way to manage the complexities of government benefits, creditor issues, taxes, and beneficiary protections. Trusts allow us to preserve family assets and do so without court oversight. But what kind of trusts are appropriate in which circumstances? How do we properly title trust accounts and beneficiaries designation forms? And how do we maximize tax deferral, creditor protection, and Medicaid-using trusts? This program, presented by estate planning attorney Daniel Timins, will answer all these questions and more. Additional topics to be discussed include testamentary

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