3 Ways An Irrevocable Trust Really Isn’t Irrevocable?

As I have discussed in the past, https://www.investopedia.com/advisor-network/articles/only-3-reasons-why-you-should-have-irrevocable-trust/ there are three reasons to create irrevocable trusts. The word “Irrevocable” usually implies no ability to change, and most people believe that a Trustee is required to adhere to the language contained in the irrevocable trust, even though times and circumstances may have changed. Nonetheless, in many circumstances, irrevocable trusts may actually be legally changed, modified or revoked in New York State. ALL PARTIES AGREE TO MODIFY: The first circumstance exists when the Grantor of the Trust is still alive, wants to make a change and ALL the beneficiaries of the Trust agree with the proposed change. In this case, an amendment of the Trust or a revocation can be done –

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