Wills vs Trusts

What are the differences between Wills and Trusts? And what about Wills that create Trusts? Can Trusts save money on taxes, protect me from creditors, or allow my family member to qualify for Medicaid? Is a Will sufficient? Which is right for me?

This webinar will discuss the many, many differences between Wills and Trusts, dispel several myths, and give you a better idea of how both documents function during your life and thereafter. Sub-topics include:

  • How to properly fund living trusts versus testamentary trusts
  • Whether a will is preferable if you have minor family members
  • What should you watch out for if you have mostly foreign family members


The webinar’s speaker is:

  • Daniel Timins, Esq., CFP®
    Law Offices of Daniel Timins
    Estate and Elder Law Attorney


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