Top 10 Guide To Reshaping Your Finances During Turbulent Times

This webinar will cover how different age groups (young professionals, prime income earners, retirees) are approaching the post-Covid world of finances and financial planning.

    • Panicking about the financial choices you should take in the near future?
    • What steps should you determine whether you are financially secure?
    • Considering your age and investment horizon, is it time to buy, sell or stay put?

One shoe does not fit every foot. Learn what other people in your position are doing to maintain their financial security.

The webinar’s speakers are:

  • Matthew DelPriore, CFP®
    Fortis Lux Financial
    Director of Finance Planning
  • Daniel Timins, Esq., CFP®
    Law Offices of Daniel Timins
    Estate and Elder Law Attorney


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