Transferring Your Coop to Your Trust

Transferring your Co-Op’s stock and lease to your trust is usually a frustrating a time consuming endeavor. But knowing the process, costs, timeframes, and requirements can save your family 5x the frustration and costs when you pass away. Topics of discussion include:

  • How to transfer your Co-Op to a revocable trust to avoid Probate
  • When and why you may want your Co-Op owned by a Medicaid trust
  • Ways to clean up loose ends for your apartments (spouse’s death, divorce, improper or missing documents) that you did not even know existed
  • The additional assets and security you convey to your children by having your Co-Op avoid Probate when you die


The webinar’s speakers are:

  • Daniel Timins, Esq., CFP®
    Law Offices of Daniel Timins
    Estate and Elder Law Attorney


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