So Many Medicaid Trusts

What exactly is a Pooled Income Trust? Is it true I can shelter my assets in an Income Only Trust and still qualify for Medicaid? And how can I safely leave money to my disabled family member without causing the government to discontinue their benefits? And what steps can my family take to shelter our hard-earned assets?

This Webinar will briefly review what Medicaid benefits cover, and then focus on the characteristics of each type of Medicaid trust, explain when to utilize which trust, appropriate assets to hold in each trust, discuss taxation consequences, and illustrate how planning before October 1, 2020 could save your family tens of thousands of dollars. Types of trusts discussed shall include::

  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (I.e. “Income Only Trusts”)
  • Pooled Income Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts (1st party money)
  • Supplemental Needs Trusts (3rd party money)


The webinar’s speakers are:

  • Daniel Timins, Esq., CFP®
    Law Offices of Daniel Timins
    Estate and Elder Law Attorney


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