“I have known Mr Timins for close to a decade. I have found him to be an exceedingly knowledgeable attorney, a strong advocate for his client, and an excellent communicator. A common thread among our dealings has been his care and diligence regardless of the financial stakes of the situation. I find that to be a breath of fresh air in a climate where many attorneys chase “big fish.” I would not hesitate to refer clients to Dan. We need more attorneys like him.”

– J Phillip Faranda (LinkedIn)

“Daniel is reliable, honest and takes excellent care of his clients. He is invested in his clients and takes the time to get to know their needs before proposing solutions.”

– Samantha Brown (LinkedIn)

“I have worked with Dan for over four years and have found him to be a fierce advocate for his clients who comes armed with a wealth of knowledge about Estate Planning. Dan is a can do kind of attorney who is a pleasure to work with. He treats his clients like family and always does the right thing by them. I have witnessed first hand how Dan helps families deal with difficult and consequensal situations and decisions with compassion and professionalism. I guess the ultimate question one needs to ask concerning an attorney’s qualifications is “would I use him to represent me?” Well my answer to that question is I have and I will again.”

– Don Poole (LinkedIn)

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dan as a member of two different professional study groups, one focused on estate planning and the other on financial planning. Dan demonstrates extensive knowledge in both areas. He is responsive, generous with his time, and exhibits a striking commitment to helping his clients with their financial and estate planning goals.”

– Shannon McNulty (LinkedIn)

“In 42 years of practice, I haven’t met a lawyer better organized or more thorough about serving his client than Dan Timins. He cares about his clients and takes care of them.”

-Andrew Weltchek, ESQ (LinkedIn)

“Dan’s professionalism and dedication to his craft are outstanding. He takes a client centered approach which ensures that he is building solid and lasting relationships while focusing on offering education to his clients. I would (and do) recommend Dan to anyone seeking estate planning services!”

– Shani Mojica (LinkedIn)

“I have known Dan as a fellow attorney for a few years now and he continues to impress me with his professionalism and in-depth subject matter knowledge. He is very quick in spotting the issues and coming up with practical solutions. Very dedicated to his clients and easy to work with. Plus has a sense of humor! My go to person for all matters related to trusts & estates!”

– Padmaja Chinta (LinkedIn)

“Daniel Timins is a superstar lawyer. He is professional, kind and a true advocate. Dan is in the same field of law and always is available to bounce an idea off of. His genuine care for his clients is second to none! I highly recommend Dan!”

– Natalie Elisha (LinkedIn)

“Daniel Timins is a thorough and intelligent attorney with deep experience in the areas of estate and financial planning. He is one of my key resources when it comes to handling high net worth, complex strategic planning for clients. I recommend Daniel without any reservation.”

– Irina Yadgarova (LinkedIn)

“It’s rare that you come across a professional like Daniel.I got to know Daniel over the past year and he is not only an excellent lawyer, he also has the ability to comfort you while dealing with delicate issues such as your trusts or estates. No matter how tense a a situation was, he always had a good joke ready to ease thing up. I can only recommend anybody who is thinking about there will to reach out to Daniel!”

– Thomas Szöke (LinkedIn)

“We went to Dan Timins for comprehensive estate planning work in order to provide for a family member with special needs. We were very pleased with the thorough and thoughtful way he approached our legal issues and documentation; he set our minds at ease for the future.”

-Anonymous (Avvo)

“Dan completed all my needed legal documents: Will, Power of Attorney, and Living Will. Since he is also a certified financial planner (CFP), his advice on money matters is exceptionally well informed. He was sensitive and interested in my particular situation.”

– Linda J. (Avvo)

“Available and committed to your cause. Dan Timins has been a great help to me during some problematic times in my life over the past few years. He has been prompt and professional and very re-assuring to me in those tough times.”

– Judith (Avvo)

“Definitely would recommend. Dan Timins was knowledgeable, honest and efficient. He worked quickly, was able to answer my questions in a way that was easy to understand, and explained the pros and cons of each option in a way that was helpful and clear. He also answered my miscellaneous emailed questions quickly and at all hours, and just generally was easy to work with.”

– Peter (Avvo)

“Dan is a consummate professional who has managed to deliver a complex service with efficiency and excellence while still maintaining a personal touch. The estate planning discussion can be somewhat intimidating, but with a trusted and experienced attorney like Dan on your side you’ll be in good hands.”

–Barry Queen, Jr (LinkedIn)

“Dan is an asset to his profession. He is both very knowledgeable as well as very kind and compassionate. He is well respected by clients and colleagues.”

– Sheila O’Brien (LinkedIn)

“Outstanding Legal Advice. I was so pleased with Mr. Timins professionalism, courtesy, patience and understanding during my visits to his firm – he made my visits so very comfortable and his legal advise was reassuring (especially since I discuss with my nephew who is an attorney). I have already recommended him to my family and friends; including friends from the MOAA (a military organization for officers).”

– Harriet (Avvo)

“I’ve known Dan for several years- we went to law school together. I refer him to my clients for trusts and he does an excellent job. He is very personable and responsive. I recommend him without hesitation.”

-Cari Rincker (Google)

Daniel Timins is a very seasoned, experienced and dedicated Wills and Estates attorney. He is very professional in every aspect of his practice, being very courteous with his clients, colleagues and other professionals. He maintains a large support group of other attorneys and professionals from various fields. He keeps up to date not only with all changes in the law, but with the demands of law practice management and technology. Would highly recommend him as an Estates attorney.

- Gergana Genova

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